irini gonou

2010: Alphabets of the world at the NGB Historical Archive, Athens, Greece.


2010-2017 teaches regular workshops on the Mediterranean Scripts (Byzantine-Arabic-Coptic-Latin) at the Benaki Museum in Athens.


2012: Mediterranean Alphabets, at the NGB Historical Archive, Athens, Greece.


2012-13: Two months seminars on the Byzantine Scripts from 4th to 14th century at the School of Fine Arts of Athens.


2013: Columbia University –Program in Hellenic Studies, Alphabets and Magic, a workshop inspired from Cavafy’s “epitymvia”-archaic alphabets.


2014: Initiative workshop on Arabic calligraphy at the Bergen Resource Centre, CMI, in Bergen, Norway.


2015: From the letter to the word, Arabic Calligraphy Workshop at the faculty of Philosophy, Kapodistrian University, Athens.


2016-2017: Arabic Calligraphy workshops Al Khatt I and Al Khatt II at the Egyptian Cultural Center of Athens.


2016: The magic script, Phoenician - Ionian and Etruscan alphabets and ancient magic formulas at The Caravan, Thessaloniki, Greece


2016-2017:  Participation in the seminar-project The body of the word, organised by Labirinto: Culture e Civiltà Mediterranee at Alex Mylona Museum, Athens


2016: The natural tool, the traces and the script, Naxos, Greece


2016: Alphabets archaïques, écritures magiques, Librairie Millefeuilles, Altkirch, France.


2017:  From the art of Writing to the writing of Art, the history of writing through the exhibits of the Benaki Museum.